Thursday, January 19, 2012

Valentine’s Day PreK Pack from Over The Big Moon

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to create a tot pack, and I miss that “me time” to sit at the computer and create!

I was soooooo, soooo, soooo hoping that Pam would do a Valentine pack!  I didn’t make this one, but I’m going to steer you in this direction if you’re looking for a cute, traditional Valentine’s pack for your little ones.  I love her work!  Click on the picture below to link to Pam’s site and download this pack.  Thanks, Pam…I look forward to using this!

I am working on two different packs right now, although it’s s-l-o-w going!

One is a very non-traditional Valentine’s pack.  Alex helped me pick the graphics, and it’s full of cars, trucks, helicopters…and hearts.  (He refused to consider all things cute-sy.)  This one will be a free pack.

The other one is an African Safari theme.  It will be a fundraiser pack for our friends, as they are adopting a little boy from Ethiopia.  (For the month of February, all income from all of my tot packs at Teacher’s Notebook will go to benefit Jack & Angie’s adoption.  I can’t wait for their little Judah to come home!)  This pack is about halfway finished, and I’m hoping to finish it up by the end of next week.

Between computer issues and a preschooler who is no longer napping, I just don’t have time or ability to create as often as I’d like right now.  *I MISS IT*!  That’s my “Me Time”!  I have a line-up of tot packs to work on…if I could just find the time to do it.  Hopefully, we’ll get everything – naps, quiet times, and computers – figured out soon so I can get to creating on a regular basis again!   :)


Pam from Over the Big Moon said...

Thanks so much Dawn! I love the time too... sadly I generally say up late to finish them and pay for it the next day! haha :) Can't wait to see your non-tradional V-Day Pack!

Lindsay said...

Very fun! Can't wait to see the finished projects! I pinned that valentine pack.. I need to start printing some stuff soon :-)

The Hamstras said...

Wow Dawn! Thank you SO much! I can't wait to get your Safari pack and hopefully be able to have some fun with Judah with it this time next year!

Miss Amanda said...

I know exactly what you mean! Life gets busy doesn't it? Thanks for linking us over to Pams pack, it is adorable. I look forward to your African safari pack coming out. My best girlfriends little gal was born in Africa a year ago and I know they'll love to come over and play it with us!