Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Can We Do A Project?

Three kiddos hit me up with that question this morning.  After Christmas, I’d gone shopping with my sister-in-law and niece, and I’d picked up some clearanced Christmas crafts at Michael’s to use next December.  I ran to the closet, pulled out a snowman project that said, “Ages 4 and up”, and we got started.

I’m pretty sure that most 4 year olds could not do this alone.  I stared at the head for several minutes before figuring out how to fold and glue it! :)  The 4 year olds glued their own, but I folded them into the correct shape. 

Max had no clue, but he was trying…and taking all the sticky pieces and putting them all over the counter and wall.  I did much of his project for him.  Max did the face by himself, although I have no idea where the carrot nose ended up.  His end result is rather Picasso-ish! ;)January2012 066

Alex understood, but he got a little carried away with the glue.  I made the hat for him, as it’s just a bit too tricky for a 4 year old.January2012 065

Grace needed a little help with the hat, too, but otherwise did hers independently.

January2012 064

Here are our end results…bobble-head snowmen to decorate our counter for a few days! :)January2012 067

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Lindsay said...

I really wonder about these activities!! Looks like they had fun doing them.. but man the age on them are no where close usually!