Monday, January 23, 2012

Alex’s Birthday Party

We celebrated Alex’s 4th birthday yesterday with our extended family.  Alex was SO excited for this party.  Everything had to be decorated according to his specifications, everything had to be “just so”, and could hardly wait for his special day to arrive!

January2012 010

Everyone was asked to wear a party hat.  With over 20 guests, he ran out before all the guests arrived, but we still had lots of party hat fun…January2012 005

January2012 004January2012 012

Alex wanted a Car 1 birthday party theme, and he was in luck…Bailey’s had all the Cars 1 party supplies on clearance for 50 cents per package!  Convenient, huh? :)

CVS still had the Cars 1 helium balloons available, so we were able to pick up on of those for our excited little boy.  (Poor Max didn’t understand why he wasn’t getting a birthday balloon.)January2012 003

We also printed, laminated, and hung several two-sided cars ~ Lightning, Mater, Sally, and Finn McMissile.  (There was no convincing the boy that Finn McMissile was from the second movie, ha!)

Grandma S & my siblings helped by bringing side dishes, and I made pulled pork using the EASIEST recipe ever…cook a pork roast with root beer in the crock pot, drain, shred, add a bottle of barbecue sauce.  A few bites tasted a bit root-beer-y, but overall, I thought it was a good, quick recipe to feed a crowd.

Grandma P & Jessica made a Lightning McQueen cake.  They are so creative!

January2012 043

January2012 048

This is the first year Alex has blown out his candles all by himself.

January2012 050

Max barely ate any lunch except for fruit, but he sure gobbled up the frosting and ice cream!  I’m not sure he ever took a bite of his cake, but he ate a LOAD of black fondant!  Then, when he thought no one was looking, Max helped himself to some extra ice cream straight from the scoop!

January2012 054

Jensyn slept through lunchtime, but she enjoyed a whole bunch of food from Aunt Deb and Grandpa S.  It’s unbelievable to me how much this little 16 lb pipsqueak can pack away!

January2012 042

She got passed around a lot, which was fine as long as Mommy was out of sight.  Josh definitely enjoyed her today!  The rest of the pictures with Jensyn are on somebody else’s camera, as I wasn’t allowed in whatever room the baby was in…;)January2012 053

Alex got spoiled with a Chuggington roundhouse and ChugWash.  He also receive a LeapPad case and three new games, a ride-on bouncy ball, a Chuggington DVD, a puppy game, Lightning McQueen underwear, and two new pairs of pants.

January2012 013

January2012 034January2012 025

The underwear makes me laugh.  When Keith’s cousin Danny e-mailed me to ask for gift suggestions for Alex, I asked Alex what he wanted from Danny & Ali for his birthday.  Alex said, “Lightning McQueen underwear!”  He was insistent, so that’s what they got him…and then Alex seemed like he didn’t care at all upon opening it.  As soon as his guests left, though, guess what Alex was wearing?  His new underwear!  (I know, buddy, you’re going to be really ticked at me for writing this when you’re 14 years old and reading through this blog.  Sorry!)

The new Chuggington sets saw a lot of playtime from the little kids and some of the uncles.  When Alex woke up this morning, that’s the first thing he did…run to the living room to see his new Chuggington sets.  This is definitely a big hit!  (As soon as he finished breakfast, though, he grabbed the Leap Pad to try out each of his new games!)

January2012 037       January2012 059        

So, that’s it…the 4th birthday is finally complete!  Happy 4, Alexander.  We are so blessed to have you in our family!

Oh, and just for the record, Alex says (quite insistently) that he’d like a SEVEN cake for his 5th birthday.  We love you, buddy, but sometimes you have some strange ideas!  I’m curious to see what theme you’ll REALLY choose! ;)


Gina said...

That cake is awesome! And LOL on the underwear!!

Anonymous said...

What a great party!! Yay for fun birthday parties!!