Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Little Things

Sometimes, we think we have to do amazing things to have fun with our kids.  We plan huge projects, expensive outings, etc.  Those days are fun, but I’ll bet our kids are just as likely to remember the little things we do for fun.

My boys LOVE when I do a sink full of dishes.  I put in lots of soap, scoop all the bubbles off the top, and plop it on their heads.  They giggle, run to the mirror, give themselves bubble beards, and smear bubbles all over each other.  When Daddy had some time off at Christmas, he got in on the fun with the boys. 

January2010 017


January2010 018January2010 019

When it snows, the boys love when I bring in a few bowls full of the fresh, white stuff and set them at the table (or counter) with a bunch of toy tools, measuring cups, spoons, etc.  This time, I gave them bowls of snow and their Color Shifters Hot Wheels cars.  This kept them busy for over an hour!

January2010 028

(The lightning is horrible, but you get the idea…)

January2010 025

 January2010 026 January2010 027    

What are YOUR favorite ways to make your kiddos happy and keep them busy without spending a penny?


Lindsay said...

I feel like it is the little things they remember so much! The things memories are made out of!

Miss Courtney said...

Making cookies, jello or play dough. We like making anything in the kitchen with the materials we already have on hand. He says, "It's time to do projects!"