Thursday, January 5, 2012

December Randomness

Is “randomness” a word?  I guess it is now! ;)  These are the pictures that really didn’t have a post of their own, yet I wanted to add them to the blog.

I recently learned the hard way about how important it is to always BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS IN MULTIPLE LOCATIONS.   Simply saving them on a USB flash drive is NOT good enough, as a certain 2 year old discovered how easy it is to bend the tip of the thumb drive and render it useless. 

We almost lost all of our photos from 2009 – which means we would have lost most of Max’s birth pictures and little baby pictures.  Thankfully, even though the flash drive is ruined, Keith was able to get creative and retrieve the files & pictures from the drive…and we spent the next several days moving all of our photos to CDs, online storage and an external hard drive kept in our fire safe.  (Those who use Little Monkey preschool packs will also appreciate my husband, as ALL of my tot packs &  graphics were temporarily stored on that flash drive while we cleaned up our computer!)

So, even though we now have all of our pictures safe & sound, I want to make sure that any pictures I want my children to see in the future end up here.  It’s another safe place to have copies of the pictures for future reference!


Our laundry room is very small, and it’s also our most-used entrance into our home.  It holds our washer and dryer, coats & shoes & diaper bags, and it’s also a landing pad for all the things we carry into the house.  We FINALLY found some solutions that work for us to keep it organized.  One was this broom holder, and Alex proudly “helped” Daddy hang it.  He’s all dressed up, but he’s wearing his crocodile-shaped crocs on his feet.  Why?  “They’re my work shoes”, says Alex.

December2011 140

I treated the boys and Grace to Happy Meals for lunch one day.  (I rarely buy happy meals – just an order of nuggets and a small fry to share.) We brought it home, as I am NOT brave enough to enter McDonalds alone with 4 small children.  Max decided to turn his Happy Meal bag into a hat.  Ironically, one of the few times they’ve convinced Mommy to buy Happy Meals, my boys got Hello Kitty toys.  Oops!

December2011 084

Since Max’s hair cut turned out pretty good, Daddy is now our official barber for the boys.  We adore Alex’s new haircut!  (Don’t think he’ll ever get his hands on Jensyn’s hair, ha!) 

December2011 141

Technology overload…one’s playing with the LeapPad while the other checks out the toy laptop.  They are LOVING their new toys.  (Me?  I’m loving that the kitchen counters are clean!)December2011 307

This was right after Keith & I assembled the trampoline from Grandma & Papa.  It has since moved upstairs to our playroom, but the boys were SO excited to try it out as soon as it was put together.  Oh, how they love this thing!

 December2011 310December2011

Jensyn is LOVING being in the big tub with the boys.  She wouldn’t even look up from the toys for a picture.  Yes, my boys are having a tea party with a pink tea set; we’ll just say they were doing it for their sister’s sake.  Yeah, that’s why… ;)December2011 312

Max received the Cars 2 movie for Christmas.  For some reason, while most of us enjoy sitting ON the cushions to watch a movie, my boys felt the need to put the cushion behind them and sit directly on the springs of the chair.  Strange boys… :)December2011 317

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Lindsay said...

yikes on the thumb drive! Glad you got everything backed up! I am a little concerned though.. tea party and hello kiddie toys.. LOL j/k!! That trampoline looks like so much fun!