Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday, Alex!

December2011 285

The thing about a day-after-Christmas birthday is that your special day can get lost in the shuffle!  We wait until mid-January to have his birthday party, but we like to acknowledge Alex’s birthday on the actual day.

We started out by giving Alex his present from us ~ a big boy bike!  He is SO excited!  As of January 4th, the bike is still in our house.  He’s riding it all around the hallway and kitchen, as we haven’t had a chance to get him outside on the new bike.  (that’s the stinky part of a winter birthday…)

December2011 286

He really does have the hang of it, and we look forward to seeing him ride it outside.  We know he’ll do a great job!

Grandma S tried to wish him a happy birthday over the phone, but Alex didn’t feel like talking.  At Grandma & Papa P’s house, we sang happy birthday and had homemade peppermint ice cream cake.

December2011 306    December2011 304

It’s amazing to me the change that seems to have occurred overnight in Alex.  He seems to believe that being four makes him all grown up, and I love the sudden changes in his personality. 

He gave up naps entirely.  It’s as if turning four made him decide he wasn’t going to nap ever again.  He is more confident about a lot of things. 

He’s so much FUN!   (Well, there is the “I have a mind of my own” attitude, but other than that, he’s LOADS of fun these days.)

Happy FOUR, Alexander Cole!  We love you, and I thank God every single day that He blessed us with an amazing little boy like you!


Michelle said...

Happy birthday, Alex!! I so wish we lived closer so you and Channing could ride bikes together :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Alex!! Like Michelle I wish we lived closer! Alex and Sammy would be good buddies! What birthday theme are you going to do for Alex.. I am starting to think about Sammy's 5th birthday (April).