Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Story

Our church is reading through The Story this year, with each age category (adults, teens, children, preK) working at their own level of understanding.  We’re up to the book of Joshua, and Alex is coming to know his Old Testament stories better than we thought possible for a three year old. 

His New Testament, though…well…we’re gonna have to work on that:

Lunchtime, a few days ago…

Alex (playing with his noodles):  Look, Mom!  I made a cross!

Mom: Nice, Alex!  Hey, do you know who died on the cross?

Alex:  JESUS!!!!!!

Mom: Well, do you know WHY he died on the cross?

Alex:  Uh, because he was getting old?


Marlynn said...

Ok I "like" this so cute!

Anonymous said...

hehe silly boy! I am sure by the time he gets to the NT he will understand it!

The Hamstras said...

I love it!! That kid cracks me up!