Monday, November 14, 2011

Little Adventures Preschool printables

When someone leaves a comment on Our Little Monkeys, I almost always take a few minutes to visit their blog. 


This past week, Amanda left a comment on my Woodland Friends post.  I ended up spending more than a little time reading her blog after that!  She started a small preschool in her home, and it’s called Little Adventures Preschool.  They do some REALLY neat activities!  She’s one brave mama, as there are even pictures of toddlers and preschoolers body-painting her living room! ;)

She’s made a few free printables that are just ADORABLE.  They’re a little different from the typical tot pack/preschool pack pages that you see on many blogs…and they’re lots of FUN, too! 

She has a Thanksgiving math pack with grid games, geometric solids, and a few other match activities.  She also has an Animals In Winter pack (using the same graphics as my Woodland Friends pack, if it matters to you…) with a few math games, as well.


She’s slowly adding new printables to her blog.  When I asked permission to share her blog here, Amanda mentioned that she’s working on a winter themed pack too!

I’m so thankful to the mamas who have shared my blog and helped it grow.  It’s always fun to have a chance to return the favor.  I’d really encourage you to check out the Little Adventures Preschool blog.  Her activities are loads of fun, and her printables are adorable!


Anonymous said...

What fun! Thanks for sharing and I will definitely be checking them out! I am using your buckaroos pack this week! :-) post will go up on black Friday :-)

Miss Amanda said...

You are so kind Dawn to post about us! You've completely made my day. Smile Always! -Miss Amanda

shani said...

Thanks for sharing, will check it out.

Love your blog