Friday, November 4, 2011

Tot School – Letter E and Fall theme

Alex is almost 4 (46 months) and Max is 26 months

This is actually last week’s post, one week late.  We didn’t do tot school this week; we were taking a week off and just enjoying ourselves – playing games, playing outside, reading lots of books, going to the library, just “being”.    

We used Fall themed printables from Homeschool Creations and Raising Rock Star printables from 1+1+1=1

Yes, Alex wore a firefighter hat and duck slippers to do autumn-themed printables.  Oh, to be three! ;)

I know it’s hard to tell what this is, but this is the directional words mini book.  You cut out apples, read the page, and glue the apple into the correct place on the page.  Alex really enjoyed this activity!  After we glued all the apples, we went through the book with a red bingo dauber.  Alex stamped the word “is” (this week’s sight word) on every page.

October2011 200October2011 202

Max had fun sorting these foam blocks from Target’s dollar section on our color sorting mat.  He just adores building towers out of anything we have on hand!

 October2011 182October2011 183

Alex & Max both matched the cards.

 October2011 184October2011 211

Alex was all excited when he saw this counting game set out for him…until he realized that you can’t SPIN it.  After that, he didn’t care at all.  If we did it again, I’d probably add a spinner and have him clip the correct number on the spot when he spins it.

October2011 185

Doing the 10 part puzzle…and proud to finish it correctly!

 October2011 186October2011 187

Alex is starting to cut on the lines…finally! 
(He’d still rather cut a paper into confetti, but at least he’s trying.)

October2011 188October2011 210

October2011 196

This week’s RRSP mini book…Alex is going through the book and circling the sight word “is” on every page.

  October2011 189

A few weeks ago, we spent the day at a friend’s house.  The children played while the mommies made busy bags.  Both boys were excited to try the button snake that my friend Lori made for them.

October2011 190 October2011 192  

I reintroduced bingo daubers (dot markers) a few weeks back, and both boys are in LOVE!  Max also used candy heart erasers (?!) to cover the holes on the pumpkin page.

October2011 198  October2011 207  October2011 206October2011 218

Here’s a little view UNDER the table as Alex is working…

  October2011 208   

Shadow Matching…

October2011 214

If you’re happy and you know it, your face will surely show it!
(Max’s favorite tot school song…there’s a happy face on that popsicle stick)

October2011 204

Cutting, sorting, and gluing apples and leaves…
love the look of concentration on that little face!

October2011 215 October2011 216 

I love those wobbly little letters on the middle page…I might just be a little sad when he’s better at writing his name.  It’s just too cute right now!

(Max did the dot page on the left; Alex did the dot page on the right)

October2011 219

You can learn more about RRSP, Preschool Corner, or Tot School by clicking on the links below.  You’ll also see what other moms are doing with their tots and preschoolers!

Tot School


Beth ( said...

What a fun week! Love the view of his feet under the table =-) I would love for you to com elink up at TGIF Linky Party

Anonymous said...

What a great week! We took some of this week off.. I have been in a funk with school and need to get out of it! I love Alex's name on his page!!

Marlynn said...

Neat! We took the week off too, but it was because of a wedding in the family.

I love the idea of circling the sight word, that points it out even more to the kids! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I love the cowboy hat! It looks like you had a fun week and lot's of learning!