Thursday, November 17, 2011

Homemade Foaming Soap

This idea has been floating around the internet for a long time, and I just got around to trying it today.  Money Saving Mom posted on her foam soap about a month ago, and that reminded me to give this a try.  I thought I’d share this here in case anyone had not heard of this idea.  It’s a great money saver!

My sister Deb was kind enough to give me an empty foam soap container the last time we were at her house.  (Thanks, Deb!) It’s been sitting under my bathroom sink for a few weeks now.

We were down to the last few pumps in an old container of soap, so I figured it was time to try making foam soap!

November2011 105

I opened up the almost-empty bottle, propped it on top of the foam soap container, and then let it drain in.  I also added three squirts from another bottle of soap, as there wasn’t quite enough left in the old one.

November2011 106

I added very warm water, very slowly, to keep it from foaming while it filled.  I put on the lid, set it next to the sink, and gave it a try.  (I wish soap could always be nice & warm when it came out of the pump…that was nice!)

November2011 107

Now we have a full container of soap at almost no cost.  I could get used to that!  My boys are going to LOVE that it foams, too!


Miss Courtney said...

I hadn't seen that idea. Thanks so much for sharing! Bobo loves the foaming soap, but now I feel like we've been paying way too much for it. He calls it ghost soap, because it looks like a ghost in his hand.

Miss Amanda said...

Individual containers cost so much money! Thanks for sharing how to do this, I know it will help out at our house since the boys LOVE to pump out LOTS of soap!

Anonymous said...

I have wanted to do this for a while! I need to do it the next time my soap is running out!

Lovingmama said...

Just emptied a foaming soap container this morning. Off to try it out now!