Friday, November 4, 2011

Trunk or Treat

I don’t get very into Halloween.  We don’t decorate, read books about it, or do anything very special.  Most years we go to the pumpkin patch, but we didn’t fit that in this year.  We do let our kids enjoy an afternoon of dressing up for fun.October2011 223

Last year, we took Alex and Max to a friends’ church for their Trunk Or Treat.  There are TONS of cars handing out candy, inflatable slide & bounce house, and lots of fun for the kiddos.  We decided to do it again this year.  This was the Saturday before Halloween.

October2011 234 October2011 232

Max was a furry green monster…in a costume that was just a bit too small.  He wouldn’t let me try it on in advance.  I only bribed him to wear it by promising that people would give him candy if he put it on.  (Bad Mom!)  Once had had it on, he was pretty proud of his costume.

Surprise, surprise…Alex was a firefighter!  He asked if he could bring the garden hose along with him to put out any fires.  We decided that much be a bit much to haul around! ;)

These pictures were taken on the hay ride.  Just like last year, the boys were more interested in our friend Scott and his tractor.  The hay was just a nice place to sit while they watched him drive!

 October2011 227 October2011 226 

Jensyn wore her darling little pumpkin hat.  It’s hand-crocheted, and it’s so pretty.  It had the perfect shade of green on the trim – a deep sage color, rather than a bright green.  I found it on Etsy for only $6…my steal of the season! ;)

October2011 238Afterwards, we stopped by Grandma & Papa’s house to trick or treat.  When I went to get Jensyn out of the car, I found her sound asleep like this…

October2011 239

On Monday, we did something we have never done before…we went to trick or treat at a few homes in our neighborhood.  I really have no interest in my kids trick or treating, but Alex was excited about it…and a few of our neighbors complained last year that they wished we’d bring our boys around.

Our firefighter drove his fire truck (with Daddy pulling the dog leash to speed things up…) and we visited a few neighbors.  (7 houses total)  We spent more time chatting with neighbors than we did getting candy, I think.  October2011 259

Our boys got TONS from the neighbors, though, because they were the ONLY trick-or-treaters in our little neighborhood…so everybody unloaded their candy on us! (With only 18 homes on 1 acre lots, most of the neighborhood kids choose to go elsewhere.)  They prefer the suckers, but I admit to steering them towards the CHOCOLATE…so they could share with Mommy! ;)

Alex had a FIT at home before we left, and we almost didn’t go.  He refused to say the words “trick or treat”.  He thought he could just stand silently and hold out his bag.  We told him that if he couldn’t use his manners, he couldn’t get candy.  He came around, and after “practicing” at our own front door, he did a great job.  Here they are next door at Preston & Jordan’s house:

October2011 260

Now they’ve been asking for candy for every snack time, after every meal, and even for breakfast.  (Hey, I’d love to have a few Kit Kats for breakfast, so how can I blame them for asking!?) 

I’m not giving in every time, of course, but they are each having a piece or two of candy every day.  In a few days, their stash may just magically disappear…and they might get a prize in their bag instead.  (Perhaps a few new Hot Wheels cars?)

So there you have it, our low-key Halloween! :)


Nichole said...

Your kids all looked so cute!

Anonymous said...

Super cute kids! Does your local dentist participate in the buy back candy program?

Marlynn said...

Haha....I asked Koda if we could just pretend like all these unnecessary holidays we could just pretend like they don't happen and not introduce them to the kids...but I suppose they may think in their older age that we deprived them some how.

So we do it low key too...still don't know how we ended up with so much candy though! I have to tell you though, this morning I got out of the shower and Page and Daisy and figured out how to get their Halloween candy down and were sitting on the counter eating it, oh ya its going to start going with Dad to work, and it is no longer in the buckets.

PS. I also though Trunk or Treat was a Utah thing...I guess not, learned something today!

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