Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Big Bunch of Pictures

One of our favorite snacks…smoothies!  This was our favorite combination so far ~ blueberry banana.  YUM!

October2011 111 October2011 112 October2011 113 October2011 114

Playing trains with the neighbor boys…you’d hardly know there were 4 boys in the house, as it was nice and peaceful.  (I wasn’t allowed to watch them play; apparently, they can’t pretend and imagine when they’re being supervised…)

October2011 161 October2011 162 October2011 163

Grandma & Grandpa S came for dinner, and they brought souvenirs from their recent vacation.  I had two happy little boys!

October2011 177 October2011 178

Family Movie Night – Toy Story & a “popcorn picnic” on the living room floor

October2011 220 October2011 221

playing with their plastic Thomas track at Grandma & Papa’s house

October2011 248 October2011 250

Alex is playing his favorite board game – Diggity Dog (or “Diggy The Dog”, as Alex calls it…) with Mommy.  Max is in the background playing with some of the extra dogs.  I guess we had an unofficial “hat day”, as even Jensyn is wearing her hood while she watches us play! ;)

October2011 255 October2011 256 October2011 257

My little rock stars…

October2011 262 October2011 263 

For those who read my Tot School posts and see the mess of toys in the background, I’d like you to see that the room is often tidy.  The boys like to play upstairs in the morning, and we generally start school at 10 AM when the baby goes down for a nap. By then, the boys have strewn toys everywhere.  It really is a fairly organized room :)

(view from the stairs…tot school is off to the right)

October2011 268 October2011 269

(view when standing by the window…tot school is in the left corner behind the slide)

October2011 270

Max was SO cute.  While I was cooking dinner, he drove his 4-wheeler into the kitchen, sat down on the floor with a book, and proceeded to “read” it to himself from memory.  He actually got quite a bit right, which is really impressive since it’s a library book we’d only had for 2 days!

 October2011 271 October2011 272 October2011 273 October2011 274

I haven’t taught them any rules yet, but we recently opened the Connect 4 game that’s been sitting in the closet for forever.  Boy, did they ever have fun…hours of fun…with this game!

October2011 275

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Anonymous said...

Love seeing the little glimpse of your day outside of school! What other games do you guys like to play.. I have been trying to increase Sammy's game collection :-)