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Two & A Half

(Still another post found in draft mode…I just randomly scattered the picture throughout, so they may or may not go along with the text…)

30 months old sounds a lot younger, so let’s just go by the months ;)

May2010 124

You turned 2.5 on June 26th.  The date came and went without any fanfare, of course, but I figured it was about time that you got your own special post again.

May2010 290 

You’re a talker, a REAL talker.  You, sweet boy, talk in sentences and paragraphs from the time you wake up until the time you fall asleep at night – and sometimes even a few words in the night.  You have a big vocabulary, and sometimes we’re surprised by the way you correctly use big words.

June2010 060

You are somewhat shy when we are out and about.  You’ll barely make a peep if we are in a large group or if a stranger talks to you first.  When you’re in a small group, feeling comfortable, you’re back to talking non-stop again. 

July2010 018

You have very good manners.  Often without any prompting, you’ll say please and thank you.  Daddy just finished building your playset in the backyard. When he first set you on the swing, you said, “Thank you, Daddy, for my new playset!”

You are still are little tractor boy.  You’ll sit at the table for endless amounts of time, driving your toy tractors.  You admire every tractor you see – farm tractors, lawn tractors, toy tractors.  When we look at pictures of tractors on the computer, you always say, “I want to ride that!”  You ask the neighbors if you can ride their tractors.  You asked your pediatrician if she has a tractor.  (She doesn’t, by the way.  She doesn’t have a motorcycle, either.  You asked her that, too.)June2010 295

You love to play outside.  You put on your crocs, head out the door, and almost immediately your shoes are kicked off and lying in the grass.  You ride your tractors, dig in the dirt, poke a stick at the anthills, pull weeds from the landscaping (thanks!), and all those other things that little boys love.  We’re hoping to get a sandbox under your playset soon so you’ll have your own official dig spot.  (We’d really love you to STOP DIGGING IN THE LANDSCAPING! *Ü*)

You love to keep tabs on our neighbors.  “I see Miss Jennawee riding her tractor.”  or “That sounds wike Pweston!” or “What is Mr. Jeff do-ning?

You’ve always been one to observe first, think for a while, and then take action.  It’s no different when it comes to your tricycle.  You’ve been walking it with your feet since you got it for your birthday.  You’ll put your feet on the pedals, and you’d really like to pedal it.  You’re not confident yet, though, so you won’t try.  If I know you, one of these days you’ll decide you’re ready, get it right on the first try, and off you’ll go!

You are an excellent eater, if eating just about any food you’re given means you’re an excellent eater.  I mean, really – you will beg to eat raw onion!  You love red and green pepper slices.  You will try almost any food we put in front of you, and you willingly eat most.

You’re a slow eater, though.  It takes you FOREVER to finish most meals, especially dinner.  You’ll talk, look out the window, and pay attention to everything other than eating.  You’re stubborn, and you don’t speed up for anything or anyone – even when you know that you’re missing out on something fun.  Setting the timer makes no difference, either.  You’re just not going to eat until you’re ready.

July2010 104

For breakfast, you almost always request a bowl of cereal.  You love pancakes and waffles, too, especially if you can help prepare them.  You’ll eat scrambled eggs, but they’re not your favorite at this point.

Some of your favorite lunch foods are typical kid foods: mac & cheese, chicken nuggets, and grilled cheese sandwiches.  You love to have a cup of yogurt or some fresh fruit on the side.  Sometimes, Mommy will put some chips on the table as a special reward.

Your favorite dinner is MOST DEFINITELY Glazed Meatballs.  It’s one of Daddy and Mommy’s favorite dinners, too.  You can chow down just as many meatballs as your Daddy can!  You also like Asian Orange Chicken, which is another favorite of Mom & Dad.  You’re not a big fan of mashed potatoes or rice.  (You must get that from your Daddy, because Mommy could live on mashed potatoes alone!)

You have become an excellent sleeper, so opposite of your baby days.  I don’t know if our stubborn persistence and route have paid off, or if you’ve just decided that sleep is a good thing.  You get a bath around 7:30, teeth brushed, kiss Daddy goodnight, and then Mommy takes you to your bedroom for Bible story, songs, and prayer.  I love that snuggle time with you.  You still love to snuggle with Mommy, give me a good night kiss, and blow me a kiss as I shut off your light.

You sleep with a fan on (for noise) and a nightlight.  You often have a teddy and a puppy in your bed with you, but you’re not too attached them.  You’re VERY attached to your pillow and Chicago Bears blankie, though.

   June2010 169  

Unless you’re sick or cold, we don’t hear a peep from you until morning.  You’ll occasionally wake up cold, but you’re not awake enough to figure out what to do about it.  We just go in, pull up your blankets, and you’re right back to sleep. 

You can read most numbers on the clock, and you know that you can’t get up until the clock says 7.  As soon as the clock says 7, you’re pounding on your bedroom door as loudly as you can.  You stand there waiting until we open your door.

We have masking tape over the minutes on your clock,  so all you can see is the hour.  You know where the 7 has to be, though, and it’s a cute story!

You spent the night at Grandma & Papa’s house a while back, and they put your bed on their bedroom floor.  According to them, you woke before 7, looked at the clock, and wouldn’t get out of bed.  When you checked the clock a few minutes later, it said 6:47.  You told them that the “clock is backwards” – meaning that the 7 was on the wrong end.  Pretty smart of you, I think!

You like to go shopping with Mom. You enjoy grocery shopping and you *love* going to CVS.  (Good boy!)  You love the freedom to walk around in the drugstore or our small grocery store here in town.  You love to run your hands along the things at your level.  Occasionally, you’ll add a surprise to our cart when I’m not looking.  (Oops!) 

When we go to Meijer, you have to sit in the big part of the cart.  The rule is that you have to sit on your bottom.  If you stand up, you don’t get to ride the horsey or get a free kids cookie from the bakery.  That’s enough incentive for you to stay on your bottom.  Sometimes, though, you bend the rules.  I’ve purchased some oddly flattened food (hamburger buns come to mind…) because you thought it would be nice to have a cushion to sit on. 

You love to pretend that you’re going shopping, too.  You come up to me and say, “Bye Mom, I going shopping now!”  You’ll come back a few minutes later and hand me some invisible groceries.  Or I’ll ask where you went, and you’ll tell me you went to buy toys at CVS.  Sometimes you’ll tell me that you work with Miss Virginia at CVS.  I’m LOVING the way that you are beginning to get into imaginary play.  It’s so sweet!

You try very hard to be a helpful big brother.  At times, you’re very helpful by bringing a toy to your brother or keeping him happy while Mommy is busy.  You love to throw away diapers or bring something to Mommy. 

June2010 183

Other times, though, you have “helped” me by making a giant baby food mess while feeding your brother.  Or you’ll give Max some kind of food that could choke him.

You’re nowhere near potty trained.  I’m not pushing the issue yet, but I think you’re capable. (You’ve purposely taken care of your business in the tub and looked at me to see my reaction.)  I set you on the potty before you get in the bathtub each night.  Some nights, you’ll just sit there for a few minutes and say, “I can’t.”  Other nights, you’ll fidget and stand up and sit down and sit backwards and…well…you get the idea!  Once in a while, you get it right.  Those are the nights when I hear, “I need some candy!”  (You get one piece of Pez if you go on your potty.)

I’ll probably wait until you’re 3, and then I’ll make a real effort.  Knowing that you’re a strong-willed kid when you want to be, I’m pretty confident that you’ll do it when you’re good and ready…not when I’m ready!

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