Monday, March 14, 2011

Just ‘Cuz

No special reason for this post – just a few pictures taken one night last week.  Mr. Potato Head’s Mickey Mouse glasses, a foam basketball, and a plastic drumstick.  Nice look, goofy kid! 

(This is Max’s new-to-him toddler bed, in a room that’s half-ducky, half-pink flowers, with a football-themed bed dumped in the middle.  He’ll be moving into Alex’s room as soon as we get up the nerve to put both boys together, ha!  Perhaps then I’ll actually remove all ducks and add a few more flowers before Jensyn arrives?)

March2011 022Not to be left out, Alex insisted on wearing the Mickey glasses when Max took them off.  He needed his picture taken, too. 

(This little boy has moved up from toddler bed to his cousin Joshua’s old bunk bed…and he’s thrilled!  Once we have the boys all set in their new, shared space, we’ll have to get some pictures & a blog post.)

March2011 023


Lindsay said...

Adorable pictures! I love the Just Cuz posts!

Kat said...

I think Skylar is the last of her toddler friends to still be in a crib! Poor girl...but she doesn't I think I will keep her there a bit longer!!! Ha!

I love the glasses!!! ;)

Dawn said...

Be smart, Kat - keep that girl in her crib for a long as you can! ;)

If we didn't have a new little one needing a crib soon, Max wouldn't be moving yet either. Although it really wouldn't matter, since he learned how to "dive" from his crib to the floor anyway...