Monday, March 28, 2011

Fun With The Neighbors

Living where we do, it often seems as though everything fun is at least a 30 minute drive from home.  Not long ago, a new inflatable play place opened about 15 minutes from us.  We thought that our boys might be too little to go just yet, but it turns out we were wrong!

The neighbor & I have been trying to get our kids together for over a month.  Someone has always been sick, but it finally worked out!  Another neighbor suggested we all go spend the morning at the inflatable place.  It was a GREAT idea!

For $8 total (Max was free) we got to spend 2 hours running, jumping, playing, and just plain having a good time.  The mommies didn’t exactly get to sit still and chat, as we were always chasing a child in some direction, but it was still fun!

Alex’s favorite slide: 

cMarch2011 001 (17)

Max tried, too, but he’d get stuck half way up the ladder.  A kind lady helped him to the top for me (she was following her toddler) and then slid down with Max when he got nervous at the top!

cMarch2011 001 (13)

Alex (at the top) with Preston (our neighbor) and a few of the neighbor’s cousins who also happened to be there…

cMarch2011 001 (18)

This one was a tough climb the first few times Alex did it.  Max had to try, too, and Mama got to help him…try that while 9 months pregnant, ha ha!

cMarch2011 001 (11)

Max was cheering for Alex as he came down the slide.

cMarch2011 001 (10)

In the toddler play area…

cMarch2011 001 (5)Max adored this climbing structure

cMarch2011 001 (6)Alex playing with 2 little girls he’s never met in his life…

cMarch2011 001 (8) cMarch2011 001 (9)    Preston & Max

cMarch2011 001 (16)There were several other inflatables, too, but I couldn’t chase Max, take pictures, and watch Alex all at the same time! :)


Anonymous said...

Very fun! Looks like you guys had a blast!!

Kat said...

Oh that looks really fun! We will have to get over there sometime! =)