Friday, March 4, 2011

Tiny Talk

(Another stuck in draft post...I think this one is from November 2010, and I have no idea if I've ever posted it!)

At Pizza Hut on Sunday night…

Mommy: Alex, what would you like on your pizza tonight?

Alex: Sugar.

Mmm, tasty?! I explained that he had to choose a MEAT to go on top of his pizza. Then he chose pepperoni.


I had Bunco at our house one night last week. Keith had the boys for the evening. He took them for a long walk, and then he and the boys went to visit Grandma & Papa for a while.

As soon as they got back home, Alex ran up to me and sat on my lap to watch the girls play Bunco. After a little while, Keith called Alex get ready for bed. Alex headed to his bedroom with Daddy for stories and prayer.

When Keith came out of Alex’s room, he shared Alex’s prayer request with me…

Daddy: Alex, what do you want to pray for tonight?

Alex: Mommy and her friends in the living room and her friends in the kitchen.

It’s not overly funny, but it was just so sweet! When he woke up the next morning, the first thing he did was run around the house looking for all of Mommy’s friends. He was pretty disappointed that everyone was gone! :)


Little words that make me smile…

Puffy Dog = puppy dog, his favorite stuffed animal

Breck-six = breakfast

duts = dust (“Mommy, I want to help you duts the living room!)

mitzer = Mr. (He calls Max, “Hey, Little Mitzer” and he calls all men by their names, like “There’s Mitzer Tom!”)

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Lindsay said...

aww love that he wanted to pray for you and your friends!