Monday, August 2, 2010

Max Speaks

Max is just starting to say a few real words in addition to his adorable babbling.  For a few weeks now, he’s been saying “Ha!” for Hi.  About a week later, he started saying bye-bye, too.

He also started saying up (up-bup-bup) in the past few days, and I think he says “ah-dah” for all done.  I’m not sure on that last one, but he’s done it three times.

Anyway, I’ve tried getting a video of him, but he just stares at the camera with a look of shock on his face.  I tried “hiding” the camera in plain view on the kitchen counter, and it worked.  (Excuse my rear end crossing through the video…oops!)

Alex is playing tractors in the background, and he’s saying “hi” a few times, too…just in case you didn’t know that he could talk! ;)

He’s definitely beginning that transition into toddler, and it’s a joy to watch him grow and learn!