Thursday, August 19, 2010

Family Fun

A few weeks ago, we spent a fun day at Grandma & Grandpa S’s house.  My niece Alyssa is working at Gino’s East for the summer, so we had an impromptu family lunch with Alyssa as our waitress.  Here are some photos from that day:

Our wonderful waitress, Alyssa :)August2010 048

Everyone (except me…)August2010 047

Headbutts with Uncle Dave  August2010 050

Max in a can (which was fun until the can fell over…)

August2010 029 August2010 030

Grandma has the BEST bubble toys on the planet,
and they don’t make these anymore :(

August2010 037 August2010 041

Grandma found this out by the curb (for garbage) when she was taking a walk.  Alex LOVES it!

August2010 043

Moving to the other side of the family, we headed down to Jessica’s birthday party a few weeks back.  She decorated her own cake this year, and it turned out pretty cute!

Happy 14th Birthday Jessica! August2010 052 August2010 053 August2010 059August2010 054 August2010 055 August2010 056 August2010 057 August2010 058

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Anonymous said...

Love impromptu lunches out! That toy is super cute. My sister has some cool bubble blowers like that as well and I can't find them anywhere! What a cute cake!