Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tiny Talk

A few weeks ago at dinner, Alex was purposely dumping food on the floor.  After being scolded, I warned him: “If you keep dumping food on the floor, you WILL vacuum it.” (I forget what it was, but it made sense to vacuum it…perhaps crumbs?  I don’t recall!)

He’s not a big fan of the vacuum.  He sits in the recliner in the living room, refusing to get up until I’ve finished vacuuming.  I figured that threat would be enough to stop him from being naughty.

It wasn’t, so after a glance at Keith, I followed through with Alex’s consequences and told him to come with me and get the vacuum.

Poor boy – his face went pale, his eyes got big, and he said (rather dramatically), “I can’t bacuum!  I’m just a wittle boy!” 

Oh, you should have seen that cute little face.  We felt terrible about it, but although he was nervous, Alex did just fine!

(Okay, scold us for being mean parents now…)


Apparently, he’s getting good at the excuses these days.  Another one I’m hearing quite regularly changes a little each time, but it goes something like this:

Mommy: Alex, please pick up your cars and put them in the basket.

Alex: I can’t because I’m sick.

Mommy: You are?  What part of you is sick?

Alex: My bone is sick.


And my current favorite:

Alex walked up to me today and said,  "Mom, I'm looking for a hooker!"

It turns out he was looking for a caboose to *hook* to the back of his toy train, but he couldn't remember the word.  That really got my attention for a second, though! I’m just glad he said it in the privacy of our own home ;)


Kat said...

Oh Alex you are SO funny!

Anonymous said...

oo man the last one had me in tears!!