Saturday, August 7, 2010

Railcats Game

Two years ago we took Alex to his first Railcats game…


Last summer, we went again…note that adorable little bald headed boy! He’s changed so much in the past year!


This year, it was Max’s first turn to go to a Railcats game.  (Not that he got much out of it…)  Grandma & Grandpa S joined us for an almost-wet evening.  We didn’t stay until the end of the game, as it started POURING!  (The Railcats lost, anyway…)

July2010 285They always have creative things to keep kids excited at the games.  This time, they had a “Kid Run” for kids ages 6 and older.  It sounds silly, but it really was a lot of fun watching this big line of kids run across the field!  I’m sure the kids thought it was pretty special, too.

August2010 025 August2010 011 Grandpa S offered me his old camera since mine is so close to death.  He took this cute picture of Max…  (THANK YOU for the camera, Dad!)

August2010 018    July2010 268 July2010 272  July2010 277 July2010 279July2010 280 August2010 022

I guess that’s it until next year! :)


Kat said...

We really enjoy Railcats games as well! You get to experience going to the ballpark at a fraction of the cost...with a fraction of the people! Ha!
Looks like your boys have a baseball tradition!!!!

Anonymous said...

boo for the rain and the loss! It looks like everyone had a lot of fun!