Friday, August 27, 2010

A Little Bit of Cute

If kids didn’t have “cute” as one of their ingredients, I don’t think parents would survive.  Alex has been very “terrible two” around the house lately.  Our super-obedient boy is taking a little vacation, and he’s been replaced with a different child – one who is talking back a lot and testing me often to see what he can get away with doing.

Thankfully, he’s also cute and fun…and Max is, too! That’s all that saves them from the wrath of Mama at times, I do believe.  :)

August2010 128

“Wook, Mom!  See what I did to my cup?”

August2010 129The boys play with Alex’s train table just about every morning.  Grandma & Papa Purdy brought back this engineer cap from Alaska…it’s perfect for playing trains! :)

August2010 117 August2010 118 

Max is starting to really enjoy pushing the trains around…until he gets bored and throws them, that is!

  August2010 123

Boys in a basket:
fun for about 24 seconds, until they realize they’re squished ;)

August2010 124 August2010 125

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