Friday, July 30, 2010

Portaits, finally!

We haven’t done this in far too long.  We got pics of both boys when Max was a newborn.  I took Max’s picture at about 4 months old.  That’s it.  Oops!

So, finally, I took them in today for pictures.  We didn’t order all of these, but I spent enough to get the photo CD.  Here are some of the photos from today, unedited & straight from the disk.

Amazing, Alex didn’t freak out, cry, or squeeze a stuffed monkey for dear life.  Max didn’t crawl away.  Now, getting them to *smile* in the same picture?  Well…here’s what we got:0008 0013 0018This picture is the reason that Alex cooperated.  When we promised him he could sit on the motorcycle if he did a nice job with his pictures, it’s all he needed to hear:

0027 0036 0045

I didn’t want these, but the photographer encouraged me to have them taken anyway.  So, just for fun… 0057 0065 0072


Deb said...

Cute pics! Wouldn't expect less from your two sweeties. (Glad you got some new pictures!)

Kat said...

Very fun! =)