Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today’s Facebook Status

Crazy Max – but Kim has a point – smiling is his favorite, too! So, Alex is going to be God when he grows up, and Max is going to be Buddy The Elf. ;)

Dawn Purdy

Dawn P thinks Max wants to be Buddy The Elf when he grows up. I just caught him eating cotton balls.

Susan ChermakSusan C

lol, one of my favorite movies!

Janet SteffelJanet S

We love Buddy! We frequently quote him.

Angie HamstraAngie H


Paula SmileyPaula S

so Alex is going to be your handful not Max!!
(I think she means Max will be my handful, not Alex?)

Kim CobbKim C

He would make a great Buddy! Isn't smiling his favorite too?

Kat KristoffKat K

Awwww Kim that's perfect!!! :D

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