Saturday, July 3, 2010

Another Picture Post…

Here are more pictures that we supposed to be posted a few weeks ago, but it never happened.  Life got really busy, and the blog got pushed to the back burner for a while!

Cuteness at home…

June2010 187 June2010 186

Visiting Grandma & Grandpa S’s house…

June2010 005 June2010 006 June2010 008 June2010 010 June2010 011 June2010 012 June2010 013

a current favorite toy…

 June2010 041 June2010 044

June2010 049

  hosing down the dog…a favorite summer activity :)

June2010 073

getting ready for our garage sale, which earned us $250 towards our vacation.  Yay!

 June2010 076 June2010 177

Well, this *was* cute until Max got angry because I grabbed the camera instead of getting him from his crib. 

June2010 179

Alex loves when I give him permission to “get baby up from his nap”.  He climbs in the crib, and the boys giggle together until I take them out.

June2010 183

Kyle & Jessica’s 4H rabbits at the fair…and other fair fun

June2010 305 June2010 284 June2010 285 June2010 286

Jessica’s cake is going to state!  Her cake is the amazing camping cake with trees, river, campfire, etc.  Click to enlarge and see how cool it it.  (I can’t believe the picture is so rotten, sorry!)

June2010 287

Petting the….horses?!

June2010 290 June2010 302 June2010 303 June2010 304

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