Friday, July 9, 2010

Tot School – Randomness – 30 Months

I haven’t posted Tot School in several weeks.  It doesn’t mean we weren’t doing anything, but it does mean we weren’t doing a lot of structured or planned activities.

We had a garage sale, took a vacation, prepared for VBS at church, had a cousin come to visit for several days, went swimming, and found plenty of other ways to keep busy…like spending lots of time on the new playset in our backyard!

Alex has been asking me to sit and do Tot School with him, and I’ve been missing it too!  Here’s a little of what we’ve done this week when we’ve found a little time to spare.

We found Candyland, and we’ve had fun playing it together.  After 3 or 4 tries, Alex has caught on to the rules.  It’s actually kind of fun to play with him now that he understands!

   June2010 306 June2010 307

Helping Daddy – Daddy has been working hard to build a playset for the boys, and Alex has helped(?!) whenever he can!

June2010 315

Alex also helped Daddy clean the siding this week.  Unfortunately, Daddy didn’t know that Alex’s cousin Kyle taught him another use for the hose this week…which means that Daddy got SOAKED when Alex got hold of the hose! ;)

July2010 118

Helping Mommy – Alex helped Mommy make pizza for dinner this week.  Mommy measured the ingredients, and Alex carefully stirred.  It was almost mess-free.  I was impressed!  July2010 115Mommy was working on VBS posters for church, and Alex colored his very own posterboard.    

July2010 130

Glue – a current favorite.  I think we did 6 pages from his Pasting book today!  He is getting pretty good at following instructions (where to place glue, where to place the pictures) and also at using the glue nicely.

 July2010 132 July2010 137

Uh, did I say using the glue nicely?  I looked away to cut out the flowers for the next page, and this is how Alex put the glue at the top of each kite string.  Oops!

July2010 141 “Did I do it, Mom?!”July2010 142

Alex’s picks – he pulled out some of our watermelon activities.  I told him a color, and he would pick that color magnet to put on his magnet page. (Making Learning Fun)July2010 144Number Practice – Mommy and Alex each had a set of numbers.  I put a number in one circle, and Alex had to put the matching number in the other circle. (Childcareland)

July2010 145 July2010 146

There’s lots to learn on vacation, like what it feels like to touch a shark.

June2010 420

And, at Alex's request, here are some pictures of him driving his forklift.  He wouldn’t let me sit to post Tot School until I’d taken the pictures and loaded them on the computer ;)

July2010 148 July2010 149

My Tiny Tot

This little guy (10 months old) has finally decided that he wants to stand up and to crawl.  He’s been working very hard on these new skills!  Good job, Max!

July2010 126July2010 088

I think we’ll doing X is for Xylophone.  We’ll see how the weekend goes, and if there’s time to prepare.  I’m obviously not being too formal for the summer - I’ve decided we’ll get through Z, do random fun Tot School for whatever is left of the summer, and pick up with Letter A again in September.

Have a great week!


Carrie said...

Awesome! :) I love the watermelon magnet paper! :) And the number matching page - what a great idea! :) Thanks for sharing!

and thanks for the comment on my blog, too - I was going to tell you that Z did NOT match all of those spoons! He did about 3, and then lost patience with it and moved on to playing with the spoons, throwing spoons, throwing cards, and other random activities. :)

The Hamstras said...

We started out doing a home school routine for the first few weeks of summer but things just got crazy and now we haven't done it for a few weeks. I can honestly say though, I love that the kids have been outside so much and don't mind that we're not getting too much school work done. Enjoy summer!

Susan said...

I just saw your comment on my blog! Sorry it took me so long to see it. My PC died a few weeks ago and now I am sharing my husbands Mac. Have no fear, my tot school files were backed up on an external hard drive so I will have my husband find them and then send them on your way tonight. ( I live in California so it might really be in the middle of the night for you!)