Friday, July 23, 2010

Tiny Talk

Keith commented the other day that you can hold a somewhat intelligent conversation with Alex now, and it’s kind of fun!  Sometimes, he just amazes us with his vocabulary.  Other times, he’s just plain funny.  Here are a few from the past month or so…

We’ve had a TON of flies around the house lately.  It seems like we’re constantly grabbing the fly swatter.  One day, while sitting at the table, Alex told me, “Mom, I un-couraged that fly to go away.”

Outside of Target, Alex noticed a red steel post in the concrete.  It has a circle-shaped piece near the top, right at Alex’s chest level.  He dashed away from me as we were going into the store, running to that post while shrieking joyfully, “A wheel!  I have to steer the wheel!” He was a bit disappointed when he realized it didn’t steer, looked up at me, and said, “Oh, maybe it not a wheel.”

While in Target, on the same trip, I was replacing Max’s birthday gift for the third time.  (I have a strange affection for this B. Whacky Ball, and keep giving it away as birthday gifts for other people.)  Anyway, I started to go down the aisle and noticed Alex wasn’t next to me.  Turning around, I found him standing about 2 feet behind me by a display of giant bouncy balls.  I reminded him that he must stay by Mommy in the store, and he said, “But Mom, these balls fascinate me!”

The other day at lunch, I gave Alex chocolate milk as a special treat.  He took a sip, got a big grin on his face, and said, “This choc-o-wit milk is SO tasty!”

Alex wanted me to put the baby on a regular swing at the park.  I told him that we can’t put a baby on a big swing.  He replied, “But mom, your baby is growing into a big boy every day.” (Don’t remind me, Alex!)

While cooking with Mommy:  “Recipe.  Recipee.  ReciPEEE!  Just like PEE in the potty!”

We had VBS last week at our church.  Alex misses it, and he was asking for Abby the other day.  (Abby was the preschool craft lady.)  I wasn’t thinking VBS when he asked about Abby at dinner one night.  When I finally figured it out, I said, “Oh, Abby from VBS?”  Alex answered, “YES!  That’s what I talkin’ about!”

And the sweetest one, the one that made me teary-eyed.  The baby got into the dog’s dish today, and water got spilled all over the kitchen floor.  Without a moment’s hesitation, Alex turned around, opened the towel drawer, and said, “Oh, I should cween that up!” Then he got down on his hands and knees with a dry dishrag, and he mopped up all the water.  I make a lot of mistakes, but I guess I taught him right on that one!

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Kat said...

Aww Alex you are SO funny!