Monday, April 26, 2010

8 Months

Hey Little Bug,

Know what I like best about you?  Your quick smile!  You so readily smile for just about anyone, and your grins are absolutely contagious.  A smile on your face brightens my day!
April2010 256

When we’re out shopping or eating in a restaurant, some stranger almost always comments on your bright smile.  I have a feeling you’re going to be more social than your big brother!

Alex had a quiet personality, absorbing everything around him with a serious face.  You have wide eyes, taking it all in with a smile on your face.  It will be interesting to see how your personality takes shape as you grow, sweet boy.  (Not that you’re allowed to grow anymore!)

You’re very much a Mama’s boy right now.  Everyone else can have smiles, and they might even be allowed to hold you for a while…but before long, those little arms are held out or you are leaning over to get back to your mommy.  (And, truth be told, I love it!  Before long, you’ll be off & running, and Mama won’t be so important to you.  I’ll soak it up while it lasts!)

You love to check out new things – jewelry, hair, textures, toys – you love to get your hands on all of it.  Your mouth, too, of course!

April2010 047

You’ve decided that Puffs are THE GREATEST!  I love to watch you pick up Puffs, bring them to your mouth, and then forget to let go!  It takes you forever to get a Puff in your mouth, but thankfully, you have a big brother who LOVES to help you eat them (as long as he can eat a few, too…)! 

April2010 338

You like to try very small bits of what Mama is eating.  Some days you like baby food; some days you don’t.  If it’s green, chances are you won’t allow more than two spoonfuls into your mouth.  If it’s orange, it stands a pretty good chance of making it in.  If it’s pear or apple-based…yum!  We’ll have to try teething biscuits soon & see how you do with those.

Cups are still not a big hit, but you love to sample your brother’s cup & see what he’s drinking.  You also love to teethe on the spout.

Speaking of teeth, you still have the same two bottom teeth.  That’s all.  There’s no sign of any new teeth poking through any time soon, and that’s fine by me!  (Your favorite teething ring is fingers, ouch!)

April2010 210

You’ve been doing a lot of this at dinnertime lately.  Perhaps you should take a slightly longer afternoon nap, as 6 PM isn’t bedtime! April2010 218 You’re up around 7 AM, nap for about an hour each morning, and then for about 2 hours each afternoon.  I love that your nap usually coincides with Alex’s nap, giving Mama an hour to herself while Alex sleeps.  Since you’re still up once (sometimes twice…) a night, it’s nice to get a little “downtime” during the day!

Bathtime starts between 7/7:30, depending on…well…our activities or Mama’s mood! ;)  You’re in bed by about 8 PM every night.  We just switched you to sitting up on your own in the big tub with Alex – no more baby seat!  I think both you & Alex are enjoying that!

April2010 226

Your first experience with swimming didn’t go over so well.  It turns out you do NOT like getting that lukewarm water on your legs, and it takes you a long time to get used to it.  You looked awfully cute, though…

April2010 224 You love to explore toys…you love to play with this V-tech toy that you got for Christmas…you love just digging through the basket of random baby toys in the playroom…and you absolutely adore playing with the little plastic discs from Arby’s that we keep by your highchair!

 April2010 237 April2010 252 

You got to meet Sara this month.  I think you liked her :)

April2010 269

You stayed in a hotel for the first time, when we took a family trip to Key Lime Cove.  If I remember correctly, you slept far better than your brother did on his first hotel stay.  You didn’t like the thin pack n play mattress, though.  You’d be asleep in my arms, but the second I laid you in the travel bed, you’d just scream!  On the night we returned home, I laid you in your crib, and you spread out your arms, gave a big contented sigh, and went right to sleep. April2010 299

You’re still not crawling.  You still don’t use rolling as a method of getting where you want to go.  Really, you’re just content to stay where you are.  You play quietly on your own, but you definitely enjoy when someone sits to play with you! April2010 301 You’re patient, but you have your limits.  Eventually, you get bored with where you’re at, you demand some attention, and you just want to be held and loved.  And since you’re such a sweetie, I’m usually happy to oblige! ;)

Evenings are still somewhat cranky times.  You’re tired, you have to make it through dinner, and you are sooo ready for bed by the time bath time is over….which is when Daddy spends a little time with you while Mama gets Alex in bed.  Daddy doesn’t see your happy, babbling cute side very often…and it’s a shame.  

We love you SO much, Maxwell!  I know I say it all too often, but we are BLESSED to have you in our family.

Love ya bunches,


P.S. – Just for the record, you’ve not been napping well for the past few days, which has made you cranky in the evenings…and we’ve had to give you an early evening nap, which means you’re up later at night.  No rest for the weary parents here!  Your afternoon nap is about an hour, and last night you were awake from 11:15  PM – 1:15 AM.  Mama woke you at 7:30 AM, hoping to get you back on track today.  You’ve now been sleeping for an hour and forty five minutes, so maybe we’re getting back to normal?  A mama can hope!

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Adriane said...

Hi Dawn! Thank you for visiting my blog. What a precious post this was. Your baby's smile is contagious and I actually smiled when I saw the picture of him with the food on his face. Too, too cute! I look forward to visiting your blog more! Have a blessed day!