Monday, April 19, 2010

Tot School??? (27 Months)

I guess you could call this week our Spring Vacation, as we never even touched any of the activities sitting on our shelves!

We drew shapes on the driveway, and Alex jumped on the shapes when I called out “triangle” or “star”.

We practiced alphabet letters in the bathtub by lining up foam letters along the wall. I’d call out a letter, and Alex would knock it down into the water. (This, apparently, is very funny when you’re 2…)

We played outside…a LOT! We took a long walk with the neighbor and her kids. We went to the neighbor’s house for cupcakes and outdoor play to celebrate his 3rd birthday…and Alex learned to drive Preston’s big jeep! Aunt Deb came for the day while Mama went to the eye doctor & dentist, and Alex kept her busy outside all day.

And then, we had a grand finale of fun…which you can check out HERE.
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So, yeah…everyone needs a week off, I guess. We enjoyed it immensely!

This coming week, it’s O is for Ocean…where I wish we could be ;)

To see what other tots are doing, check out the Tot School site:

Tot School


Susan said...

You did lots of great things! We did something similar to your shape jumping with letters a few weeks ago. Sophie loved it!

Theresa said...

I am glad I'm not the only one taking a little time off.. we have practically been living outside lately & playing all day!
I am going to say that I was on Spring Break too! :)

Anonymous said...

we have been super busy just playing these past few weeks too :-)

melaniet42 said...

With the weather finally turning to spring, we've been having some weeks off too! Looks like you still had a great week though!