Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tot School – 27 Months

Alex has a cold, and he’s been going back and forth between overly-energetic and g-r-o-u-c-h-y.  Tot School was not on his agenda this week.  When I asked him to pick an activity from his shelf one morning, Alex (rather angrily…) replied, “Mom, I will run away from Tot School!”  (This is my normally cooperative, usually sweet child.  Whoa.)

So much for cute little fish, paper bowl crab, and a paper plate aquarium scene.  He wanted nothing to do with it.  So, I went with the flow…and hope that next week will be a bit better!

Early in the week, Alex chose to sit & sort his chips by color.  (The little colored containers came from an Easter egg decorating kit, but they just screamed out to me, “Save me for Tot School!”)  Alex kept saying, “I will choose (color name) next.”  Then he’d pick up that color and put it in the correct cup.April2010 310

April2010 309


He grudgingly matched fish and numbers…the fish are from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  We checked out a Winnie The Pooh Counting DVD from the library, and he’s enjoyed watching that a few times. 

April2010 312April2010 313

He hopped like a frog.  By choice.  For a long time.  At least it kept him busy, right? And his diaper matched his animal of choice…

 April2010 332April2010 333

He tolerated the Five Little Fish activity from Childcareland.

April2010 314 

He “read” Swimmy to himself.  Never mind he’d never heard the story before.  He refused to let me read it, and insisted he’d tell himself the story.  He did let me read Curious George Goes to the Aquarium, which we picked up at the library...and read the same ten books that we read together over and over every week.  I’m glad he loves books, and I know the importance of repetition! 

April2010 315 

He spent a LOT of time with his Melissa & Doug hinges puzzle.  Note the change of clothes…it was played with every day this week!

April2010 319

April2010 323

He worked on the tractor sticker book that he cutely conned his Grandma P into buying for him.  (Naughty boy!  He walked right up to her in Borders and said, “Grandma, I need this!”  Thank you, Grandma.)

 April2010 325

I helped him find the right stickers, and he…uh…put them in the right (?!) places.

April2010 329 

We also spent a LOT of time watching the backhoe putting in the septic at the new house across the street, driving his toy tractor around the front yard, push-mowing the front porch with his lawn mower, and playing in the driveway with his neighbor friend, Calvin, who stopped by one morning.

Next week is supposed to be P is for Pizza.  I’m sure that I saved a post that was on a Tot School blog a while back, but it’s gone AWOL.  If you posted a pizza week in the past few months, or if you remember who did, could you PLEASE let me know?  I’d really appreciate it!


sbswtp said...

I love the tractor sticker book!!!Hopefully next week will go smoother for you :) We did P is for Piano a couple of weeks ago...but made Pizzas the same day :) Can't wait to read next weeks post!

Theresa said...

LOVE the sticker book, I am definitely going to have to keep my eyes open for that one!
Looks like you guys had a great week! :)

Giggly Girls said...

Hope he's feeling more cooperative this week!!

Jolly Green Mommy said...

Hope he's feeling better this week. I love that Melissa and Doug Puzzle. I need to build a better selection of puzzles.