Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter at Home

First and foremost, Easter is about the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Egg decorating, Easter baskets, and surprises are fun…but it wouldn’t be Easter without the knowledge that Jesus conquered death so that we might have eternal life.

Alex is still too young to truly understand that, but I’ve learned in the past few months that often our little boy is picking up on more than we realize…so we need to share this with our children, even if they’re too little to truly comprehend it all!

We started out Easter morning by sitting together on the couch, reading the Easter story from Alex’s Bible.  He pointed to the cross and said, “We have that at church.”  Later in the morning, he picked up the Bible, opened to a random story, pointed to the picture, and said, “All these people is alive!”   We’ll get there in time! :)

Now, on to the egg hunt.  What an excited little boy he was!  We hid 6 plastic eggs, and then we had a “Hide ‘Em and Find ‘Em” talking egg hidden in his Easter basket.

April2010 080This is how you open an egg when you’re a silly 2 year old boy…squash it with your belly until you hear the “pop”.April2010 096 April2010 077  April2010 081 April2010 084

Once he discovered that some of his eggs contained little tractors, Alex had no interest in finding his Easter basket.  We had to really encourage him to keep looking. April2010 086  April2010 091April2010 090 Even after finding his basket (which is actually a potty filled with toys), Alex still only wanted his tractors.  He was very excited about his talking egg, though, and he later got excited about all the Curious George items (puzzles, suncatcher, socks) in the basket.April2010 092

Later, Alex re-hid a few of his eggs for Daddy to find…empty, of course ;)


Jolanthe said...

would you be able to contact me/email me? I'd love to feature you on Totally Tots ~ but need to get permission from you first. :)

Tammy said...

My daughter uses the same potty. After trying several different potty chairs, the frog chair was the only one she was willing to sit on.

Donette said...

Looks wonderful!
We have a different culture in South Africa - all about chocolate! never thought about the little gifts too...will definitely use this for next week

Julie K in Taiwan said...

Catching up on friend's blogs, love all the tot school posts you have. You rock! Congrats on getting featured too.

Kat said...

What a fun day!!!!