Friday, April 2, 2010

Tot School (27 Months)

The stomach flu hit Alex – HARD – on Sunday night.  He had just gone to bed, and we were sitting at the kitchen table playing cards with Keith’s parents.  All of a sudden, Alex started screaming.  Keith went to check on him, and he came back with the news.  That started the longest week of parenting so far. 

We did attempt some Tot School later in the week, but Alex just wasn’t in the mood.  He refused to read any Noah’s Ark books.  He didn’t want to play with our toy ark & animals.  He wasn’t interested in anything that required much thought, and I can’t say that I blame him.

So, here’s what we did for N is for Noah’s ark.  We had so many good things in the works…but at least we’re all set for the next time we do a Noah’s Ark theme! 

This “r is for rainbow” sheet same from Making Learning Fun.  Alex struggled to sort by color because he wanted to EAT all of the Fruit Loops!  (He mixed up orange & red, too.)  Eventually, we got it done, and Mama said, “Okay, Alex, eat your rainbow!”  He dug in – no fingers needed.  *Ü*March2010 461March2010 460  March2010 462 March2010 463

This rainbow page is from Childcareland.  You’re supposed to use it with alphabet letters, but I used it with numbers instead.  Ironically, Tot Play did something very similar – but more in depth – with this same sheet.  I did not get the idea from her, but I’ll point you in her direction anyway.  Her method was much neater!

Alex rolled the dice and found the matching number.  It’s fun, as I’m starting to see him notice more numbers.  He was reading the teeny-tiny digital thermometer near the bottom of the refrigerator at Walgreens on Thursday…just one of those little thing that shows he’s catching on! March2010 466 March2010 467 

Color matching – this activity is very multi-level, but we just kept it simple.  It comes from, and it also has word cards (both color and plain black) to match with the colored circles.  Alex like this, and you can see he’s proud of himself for doing.  Honestly, it’s getting too easy for him to just do simple color matching, but he enjoys it…and we’re working on NAMING the colors while we do it.  (That’s still a bit hard for him.  He just doesn’t care yet!)

March2010 479March2010 480

N is for Noah’s Ark magnet page.  The graphic came from a website that’s worth reading if you’re curious about more of the “real” history of Noah’s Ark.  Very interesting read.March2010 481

Alex did this all by himself.  He wanted to play with his dump truck.  We got a dump truck book from the library, and now he’s loving it!  He filled it with chips & dumped them on the correct spot on his color mat. March2010 494 March2010 495

He found some Curious George stickers from Aunt Deb  and asked if he could put them on paper, so he randomly put the stickers in boxes on a page that didn’t print well for me.  It kept him busy for 30 minutes! March2010 498If you participate in Tot School & you haven’t check out Tot Play’s Noah’s Ark week, go check it out.  There are some amazing ideas there!  It’s hard to believe that little Alyssa is the same age as my Alex!

If you really pay attention to these posts, you’ll notice we skipped M.  That’s because the Easter Bunny is bringing some of the M is for Monkey items this weekend.  Curious George Week, here we come!  (Please, please, please – let all of us be healthy for Monkey Week!)

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sbswtp said...

Looks like you had some fun activities. I hope he is feeling much better! :)

Lil' Ms. P said...

Sorry for the deleted comment, but I can't stand when I have an error in my typing! Blogger really needs an editing feature for me!

Anyway, what I meant to say...
Poor little guy! The flu is no fun! I am glad he was feeling better for Easter.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

We love Curious George at our house too.

Shannon said...

I like the rainbow land number sheet. I am always looking for good number activities for Sweet Pea and that one looks simple enough for her.

melaniet42 said...

Great week! We were going to do that rainbow activity last week and it got bumped to this week. I'm so glad you posted about it, because I totally forgot where to find the printout - thank you!!

Susan said...

My little one loves George as well. I found some really cute stuff a few weeks ago at the Target dollar spot.
There is also a George tot pack floating around out there somewhere...I know that 1+1+1=1 has it linked on her site.