Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tot School (27 Months)

M is for Monkey week

We ran out of time to do everything I wanted to do this week, but Alex had FUN! He sure loved Tot School this week, and even asked to do it randomly throughout the week!

We mainly stuck with Curious George, as it’s second only to tractors in our house. I honestly believe Alex wishes sometimes that he was a monkey! ;)

April2010 159

The Curious George mask came from PBS Kids website, which is where I found several of the things we did this week…including this “table confetti” for a party. We printed 2 copies and made a file folder matching game. This was by far Alex’s favorite activity of the week. We matched up the characters again and again! (With an older child, it would be a LOT of fun to make a memory game from these pieces!)

April2010 183

This one came from a Google search that led to a random website. I wish I could be more specific! Anyway, it’s just a cut & paste George that you make on a toilet paper tube. I cut, Alex glued.

April2010 154April2010 156

April2010 157This is one that I made several months ago, but Alex didn’t like it at the time. He still doesn’t care for size-sequencing, so I drew the outlines & had him match the monkeys to the correct box. We talked about “little, bigger, BIGger, and BIG”. We used a high-pitched voice for little and a deep voice for big. He loved it!
April2010 164April2010 160

Color matching – we’ve done this several weeks in a row. This week, we matched some of our Barrel of Monkeys to the correct color on the file folder game.

April2010 165

April2010 168

Alex got some Curious George puzzles in his Easter Basket, and he love to watch ME do them. Sigh. He tried, but it was much more fun to watch mommy put the picture together.

April2010 169April2010 172

Number Matching – These Barrel of Monkeys have numbers on their bellies, so we matched monkeys to numbers. We did this on more than one day, sometimes using a number die to decide which monkey to match next.

April2010 186April2010 187

Alex likes to pretend that this mobile attachment from the pack n play is a vacuum (or, as he says, “gaxwoom”). So, Alex walked around the house pretending to be “Gaxwoom Monkey” (which is from an episode of Curious George TV show).

April2010 200

We painted Curious George suncatchers.April2010 203April2010 205

Grandma gave Alex & Max these bunnies for Easter, and Alex enjoyed making a chain of rabbits.

April2010 147 April2010 148 Alex picked dandelions for Mommy. (Melt my heart!)

April2010 191 April2010 192

We watched worms on the patio after a rainstorm.

April2010 195

April2010 196

We spent lots of time playing outside, taking long walks, and just enjoying the weather…until it got chilly again! April2010 198

We also went to the library & checked out a bunch of George books that we don't own. We probably read about 50 Curious George books this week...multiple times. We had plenty more Monkey activities to do, and some that we did but have no pictures to prove it. I imagine there will be more monkey tot school weeks in the future, so at least we have activities ready to go!

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Donette said...

We love curious George!
I have yet to include him in our weeks...must do it soon!
I think the toiletpaper tube idea is great!

Giggly Girls said...

I love how you used the barrel of monkeys with the numbers. Very cute!!!

George is a favorite at our house too.

Jodie said...

Looks like you guys had a fun week!

Susan said...

My little one is a big fan of George. I picked up several of the same things a couple of weeks ago at Target and can not wait to have a George week.