Saturday, November 1, 2008

So Big, Clapping, First Sign

Dear Auntie Donna,

Mama said you wanted to see me doing 'So Big' and clapping. I only learned to clap 3 days ago, so don't expect much. I am an EXPERT at 'So Big', though. I do it day & night!

This video is just for you, but everyone else can watch it if they'd like to see.


Alex LOVES 'So Big'! He really does do it day & night. It has replaced the scrunchy face that I loved so much. All good things must come to an end, I guess.

He often does a one-handed version of So Big that looks sort of like a celebrity acknowledging a fan's attention or the Pope blessing a crowd of people. We jokingly call it Pope Alexander's "Blessing On You".

His clapping is usually one open hand and one fist. He's very proud of himself, and loves to hear us say "YAY!" when he claps.

I think he did his first sign yesterday, too. I've been using some very simple sign language with him since he was about 3 months old and adding a more as he grows and changes: doggy, milk, more, please, all done, diaper, ball, car...and there might be a few more.Well, yesterday, he finished eating his lunch and started doing the sign for 'milk'. I thought it might be coincidence, but he started whining and doing the sign...and he didn't stop until I nursed him. I know he already recognizes that sign, because he gets ready to nurse any time I show him that sign. So who knows...maybe he'll actually be able to tell us what he wants soon! :) We're waiting for him to sign 'please' would sure beat SCREAMING when he wants more food!


Allison said...

How cute! Isn't it neat when they really interact? I love it! Signing is great too, huh? They always know what they want and are "telling" us before we're smart enough to figure it out.

The Hamstras said...

He's growing so fast but as the growing goes new fun and exciting things come ;)