Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We Voted!

Yep, our whole little family voted today! Well, they wouldn't let Alex vote because he didn't have a government-issued photo ID. ;) He did come along, though.

Maybe it's the teacher in me, thinking that kids learn through example. Even though Alex is far too young to get anything out of the experience, I wanted him to be there. He was such a good boy as we waited in line. He never cried, acted up, or caused any trouble. He just smiled, 'proudly' wore his Sarah Palin button, and watched Mama push the buttons to vote.
(Only later, at Bible study, did we learn that it's against the rules to wear a party-specific button to the polls. Apparently that's influential, and it's not allowed. Oops! We won't do it again.)

P.S. Can you read Alex's button? It says "It's A Girl!" Thanks for the buttons, Christy & Kat! We wore our buttons proudly to CVS, Meijer, Subway, and the polls.


The Hamstras said...

I'm with you on the lead be example thing. Another good one to do that with is the dentist. Take him with you in the car seat or make Keith go and hold him then by the time it's his turn, it won't be scary :)

Kat said...

I'm glad you guys made it out to vote!!! =)