Monday, November 10, 2008

October Picture overload

A few events, a few random moments...the rest of October in pictures :)

So Big!

Big Foot! (These are mine, but Alex likes Keith's shoes better because of the laces.)

BOING! (door stoppers are the best toys, and he can find them in almost every room now...)
Alex loves, Loves, LOVES to watch Daddy on the tractor. He used to sit in his high chair & look out the sliding doors. Now he stands at the back window and watches. He will stand like this for 30 minutes just watching Daddy go back and forth.

Skooby (John) and Julie got married! Keith stood up in the wedding, and Grandma & Grandpa S babysat. This was the day that Alex started getting so sick...Mama's first time leaving her sick little boy :(

Congratulations, John & Julie! We've been waiting a long time for this :)

A very rare picture of Keith & me on the dance floor. One of us isn't very coordinated...and it's not Keith! ;)

The wedding was all-around nice, but they added a few fun touches to show their personality. The wedding cake just cracked me up! As soon as I saw it, it made perfect sense why Skooby was excited to have picked the cake-topper.

A random picture of a rare morning when I brought Alex to our bed after his early morning nursing...isn't he cute? He slept there for quite a while.

Grandma & Grandpa S called to say they were taking Emma & Joshua to the dairy farm. We joined them for a fun afternoon! :)

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Julie K in Taiwan said...

He's such a cutie. I can't believe how big he is.