Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Halloween! :)

I find myself going back & forth on the issue of trick-or-treating. I grew up with this tradition, and I could just view it as harmless fun. I also know the pagan ideas behind Halloween, and I'm "iffy" on it. Why should we play with evil? (Anyone have an opinion on the Halloween issue? I'd love to know what others think.)

It's easy to figure out with a baby, though...skip the trick-or-treating, head to the Pumpkin Chase at church, and have fun helping the kids play games, eat junk food, and get their faces painted. Now that's fun!

Uncle Kevin & Aunt Leanne came with Kyle, Jessica, Kate, and Andrew. Kate & Jessica helped Alex to win a plate of Grandma's chocolate chip cookies in the Cake Walk. All the kids seemed to have a good time! :)

Here are few pictures of the Friday night fun at church...

Kyle & Jessica gave Alex his first ever pumpkin. This is very nice, since his own Mama & Daddy didn't take him to the pumpkin patch. Bad parents, huh? Anyway, we started with this cute, skinny pumpkin. I love the shape of it!

Then, thanks to Let's Explore (an AWESOME website for moms with little ones), we decorated Alex's pumpkin in a slightly less-than-traditional way. Alex was clueless. I loved it. Keith tolerated it...but he did help with the Darth Vader pumpkin.


The Hamstras said...

It's hard with the trick or treating issue but I never thought of the evil side of it as a kid because no one told me, it's not the reason people do it now so I figure we go ahead with it. Free candy and lots of fun!

Kat said...

I agree with Angie. I look at Trick or Treating as a fun evening of pretend...pretending to be a princess or fuzzy animal...and getting some yummy candy in return!
Thank you for all of your help with Pumpkin Chase! =) Perhaps both activities will become a tradition for your family!

Allison said...

Warning! I do not agree. The problem I have with trick-or-treating is that it is evil. It revolves around evil. Why do we try to make it less evil to justify participating in a pagan holiday? Halloween is full of devils, whitches, ghosts, and just general evil. The spiritual world is real and true. Our God is stronger than the evil out there, but I believe it's not a good idea to hang around the cleaned up side of the evilness of Halloween. We recently had a series in our church on the spiritual world. A great way to describe the way evil is presented to us is that it is just a little off. It's not extreme evil, because we'd obviously back away. The way that the devil and his demons trip us up is with things that are just a little off. We had a special family night that evening. Our oldest was asking about the costumes, but once we had the fun night she did not even concern herself with the costumes anymore. I know a lot don't want to deprive their children of "good, clean fun;" however, my children had a wonderful time and don't seem the least deprived.

Julie K in Taiwan said...

Great use for your Mr. Potato head collection ;)