Sunday, November 30, 2008

Almost Thanksgiving...

Keith was able to take off of work from Tuesday - Friday, which meant that he was home with us. How fun having Daddy all to ourselves! I know Keith enjoyed the time away from work, sleeping in just a little later, and having lots of quality Alex time. I thorougly enjoyed having the time with Keith, too!

As I write this, we're waiting for the Bears game to end & then heading off to bed. Tomorrow starts reality again. Yuck, but it pays the bills!

This first picture is a little dark, but it's Alex's new "thing" - headbutting. He'll headbutt you and then giggle like crazy. He's obsessed with cars & trucks, likes to growl, and now he's headbutting. Yep, he's a boy.
Keith asked if I'd like to bring Alex outside while he raked leaves. Alex LOVES to play with the leaves that Maggie tracks into the house, so we figured he'd really enjoy playing in a big pile of leaves.

He was afraid.

He ended up totally panicked & screaming.
Poor kid.
Mama tried to calm him down while Daddy finished the leaves. Alex still loves to watch Daddy on the tractor, so we stood in the shed (out of the cold breeze) while watching Daddy. Alex spotted his little ride-on toy that Grandma S & Aunt Donna picked up at a garage sale over the summer. He loved it!

My birthday was this week. I had to subtract 2008-1976 to figure out that I am now 32. I truly couldn't remember. Aunt Deb & Grandma came to visit & to help hang some photos and hang my birthday presents from Grandma S. (You'll see the new wall art in some of the Thanksgiving photos in the next post.) This was after they took a few wrong turns & took the scenic route to our house...ha ha! We also enjoyed lunch at Subway...Thanks, Grandma! Thanks for the fun day!

After enjoying a date night with Keith, we came home to relieve Grandma & Papa of their babysitting duties. Thanks for watching our boy while we enjoyed burgers & ice cream! (...and a little grocery shopping, too...what a birthday treat - grocery shopping...but it was my idea.) I opened my birthday present from Grandma & Papa. Alex play the paper. Both Mama & Alex loved it! Thanks, Grandma, for the book & chocolate & socks & basket! All have been used & enjoyed already!

One last thing...on Friday, Seth made an adorable turkey hat at school, and he came home all excited about helping Alex to make one of his own. Alex wasn't so sure about having it on his head, but loved to look at himself in the mirror. Can you see his big smile?

That's it for now...but Thanksgiving posts are coming soon.


Susie said...

Happy Birthday Dawn! Sometimes grocery shopping without any little helpers truly is a present! ha ha..And the husband to carry the groceries is even better! ha ha.

The Hamstras said...

It does amaze me the differences in boys and girls. Jackson just knew for the start to make noises when playing cars and trucks. Gotta love it! Have fun with that head butting :)

Sara said...

OH my goodness he's getting so big! I love the turkey hat and the headbutting is funny (probably because he's not head butting me!) What a sweet boy you have!