Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"Let's Explore"

Okay, I'm veering off-topic here. Hopefully some of you who have young kids at home might enjoy this, though, so it's worth mentioning.

I mentioned the "Let's Explore" website in my pumpkin post. I've been LOVING that website. It's owned by a former preschool teacher, now a stay at home mom, who loves to do creative/educational crafts with her girls.

Seth enjoys doing some of the activities we find on this website. Today, for example, we made our own version of the Scarecrow Game. I went on Freecycle and asked for felt. Two wonderful ladies gave me felt scraps that have been hanging out in their craft supplies for years. I had a large chunk of dark blue left over from teaching, so that became our felt board.
Instead of making scarecrows, we made turkeys. We had to work with the colors we'd been given, so I may buy some orange or yellow to add the right touches.

Then we made a spinner so we could take turns spinning. Obviously, the object is to see who can finish their turkey first. We played for quite a while this morning!

Now, Seth is at preschool & Alex is napping. I made a snowman game to pull out as a surprise for Seth on the first day that it snows. The teacher in me can't let this go, and I'm thinking about making a new game for every month...but not all today! ;)

Mom - remember this white frame? It's the magnet board that you gave me for Christmas for my scrapbook desk about 5 years ago. Now that my scrapbook table is against a slanted wall/ceiling in the bonus room, I can't use it. Today I removed the metal, wrapped it with felt, and stuck it back in the frame. Now it's a magnetic felt board! We can hang it at kid-leve in the bonus room. THANKS!


The Hamstras said...

You're so great!! Alex and Seth are very lucky to have you ;)

Kat said...

How fun! Perhaps I'll start making games like those! =)