Thursday, June 12, 2008

Really Rolling

Well, the day has come. It's time to put away everything that's not safe for baby. Alex has discovered that rolling means MOBILITY, and he likes it!

Last week Friday, Keith put Alex on the floor under his play gym while we were packing for the trip to the Dells. I walked in the room, found Alex under his jumperoo, and wondered why Keith had set the baby in such a strange place.

Yesterday, I set Alex on the floor under his play gym while switching some laundry to the dryer, walked into the living room, and found him smooshed against the wall.

Today, I set him in the middle of the living room floor & watched him roll all the way to his toys in less than 2 minutes.

My boy is getting big! He's sitting up in a wobbly sort of way. He's starting to use consonants in his talk (ma ma ma, ba ba ba) although he's still mostly interested in practicing his vowels (eeeeee, eeeeeee, aaaaayyy, aaaaaayyy). Now he's travelling across rooms in no time at all. Somebody slow down this process, please! Before I know it, he's going to be a grown up!
Here are a few more recent Alex activities:

Sitting up on his bear chair

Alex likes sweet potatoes! Just this week, I switched to giving him solid foods twice a day.
Oh, and HE wants to hold the spoon.
He's had: apples, bananas, sweet potatoes & peas. Next come pears and carrots.

Remember when he'd look at the mirror when I set him on the bathroom counter?
Now he wants to play with the faucet.


The Hamstras said...

I love the pictures of him rolling! I feel like if I scroll fast enough I can see it in motion :) He also takes the best pictures when he is eating. I take it that he's liking applesauce now?

Allison said...

Alex has now reached the age that they just become more & more fun everyday. Have fun with a mobile baby! Just wait until he crawls, walks, and then figures out how to run! :-)