Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy 6 Month Birthday!

Six months ago today, our world changed...a LOT. That tiny little bundle they placed in our arms is such a special blessing!

These past 6 months have been so special. At times, it's been crazy, exhausting, challenging, confusing, exasperating...but always special. We've had so many reasons to smile and laugh as we watch our little guy grow and change.

At 6 months, Alex is:

  • sitting up independently
  • rolling both ways
  • cutting his first tooth
  • laughing easily
  • playing independently for short times
  • enjoying solid foods (pureed or very tiny pieces of "real" food)
  • sleeping through the night (for now...)
  • waking happily in the morning and playing in his crib
  • recognizing his name
  • taking in everything around him
  • loving the outdoors
  • petting his puppy
  • pouring sippy cups of water on his high chair tray
  • learning that crying gets him attention
  • eating paper whenever he gets hold of it
  • still loving diaper changes
  • learning to splash in the bath
  • a little attached to mama, but not afraid of strangers
  • favorite toys: ladybug busy bead toy, plastic/rubber keys, anything he can bang on his high chair tray
I wrote this on the 26th, but didn't get a chance to add pictures. His 6 month appt was on the 27th, so I'll can add his weight and height now. At 6 months, Alex weighs 16 lbs, 14 oz. He's 26.5 inches long, and his head circumference is 17 5/8".

Then and now...

Happy 6 months, my big boy!!

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The Hamstras said...

Yay for Alex!! I LOVE the then and now pictures!