Saturday, June 28, 2008

I love CVS!

Once again, I have to thank my friend Karen for introducing me to using CVS to get stuff for free! Today was a good CVS day, and I just have to share. You can tell by what we bought that Keith came along today. We're going camping soon, so there are a few additions to what I'd normally buy.

We bought:
Kingsford Lighter Fluid ~ $4.99
Chrome Grill Basket ~ $4.99
2 Colgate Total toothpastes ~ $2.49 each
1 Neosporin To Go spray ~ $6.49
1 box of bandaids ~ $1.99
Total: $23.44

We spent $3.97 out of pocket!
We received $7 in extra bucks to spend on our next CVS trip.

I don't remember the last time I paid for toothpaste. We get it free at CVS.
Actually, the way it works out, CVS pays me to buy toothpaste.

Keith says that he's going to work extra hard, pay off the house, and then we can live for free on what I get at CVS. Ha! I'm not quite that good.

So, thanks Karen! We definitely have benefited from your advice! *Ü*


The Hamstras said...

OK, so I'm thinking that Karen should hold a seminar so the rest of us can get in on these good deals!!

basketkat said...

CVS is seriously MY FAVORITE place to get deals!!! :)

Dawn said...

Mine, too. Did you know that, as of August 1st, they'll no longer accept expired CVS coupons? The clerk told me on Saturday. That stinks!