Monday, June 23, 2008

Go Railcats!

Friday night was a US Steel employee night at the Railcats game, so Keith was able to get $5 tickets. He waited until the last minute to buy them, not knowing what the weather would hold. It turned out to be a very nice night, and we all enjoyed Alex's first trip to the ball park.

With all the activity and loud noises, I thought Alex might be scared or upset. He didn't cry the entire time we were there...from 6:30 - after 10:30 PM. I'm impressed, little boy! :)

He loved looking around, taking everything in. He watched the traffic outside the stadium, the colorful scoreboard, the people around us, the mascots walking around...everything. He got sleepy around the 6th inning, napped in Mama's arms, and woke up in time to see the fireworks show after the game. Amazingly, the noise of the fireworks didn't startle him one bit.

He slept the whole way home, and slept the whole night once we got home. Since he hasn't been sleeping well for the past week, this was a much-needed night of rest. Maybe we should take him to Railcats games more often! ;)

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basketkat said...

Sami's first game was a railcats one too!!! We went for "Union night" or something silly like that...

She only made it to the 4th inning though! Ha!

Glad you had fun!