Thursday, June 5, 2008

There's a FISH swimming in my DRIVEWAY!

Well, today has been an adventure. Storms came through last night. We were without power (and sump pump) for 6 hours during the night. The lightning was like a constant strobe light, keeping us awake until after 1 AM.

Amazingly, Alex slept through all of the lightning, thunder, and rain. When it finally quieted down & we were able to fall asleep, Alex decided (at 2 AM) that it would be a good time for a midnight snack. He was up again at 4:30, and the power came on while I was up with him. I heard the sump pump kick in, but thought nothing of it since we'd had storms.

Keith got up for work at 6 AM, but quickly came back to the bedroom where I was still dozing. He woke me to give me the good news & bad news. The good news? The backyard, which normally floods in storms, was dry. The bad news? The view from the front window was not as pleasant.

Keith stayed home from work, knowing that his little car wouldn't get very far in this water. A few neighbors tried. The ones with SUVs and trucks were more successful. One neighbor with a small car had water coming in through the bottom of the doors, and his feet were getting wet. He did make it, but I just can't imagine it being very good for the car!

I guess there are many flooded roads in the area, but we've been told that our subdivision is among the worst. A nearby farmer has a gate (illegal!) across the ditch to control the water that gets to his fields. He had the gate closed, which caused the water to flood in our neighborhood. We, along with most of our neighbors, have been calling the county...but the county claims that it's not their job to keep the farmer from gating a public ditch.

It's slowly receding...I'm marking the driveway every hour or two...but I doubt we're driving anywhere today. Anyway, here are some pictures of our mess/adventure in Lake Brookwood (formerly known as Brookwood Drive)

Our house, probably around 8 AM

Keith's footprints cleaned the neighbor's driveway.

(I wore shoes...ya never know what you'll find under the water!)

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail...

They never mentioned floods ;)

I've been marking the driveway throughout the day to show the receding water.
As I marked it at 11, a FISH swam past my feet!
He was green and about 5 inches long.

Nothing like a little water to get the neighbors out! ;)
Hunter, Donovan, and Prada the Puppy

Preston was SOAKED from head to toe!

Ellie made a boat. It actually floated down the road.

Road? Did I say road?

We're worried about what would happen if more rain comes soon.
We're wondering if we built in the wrong place.
We have absolutely no desire to move.
We're not panicking or over-reacting, but realizing this could prevent us from selling.
And we're also having fun enjoying our wet, wet world.

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