Monday, June 2, 2008

We went on a DATE!

This is slightly old news, but Keith & I finally got to go on a date over Memorial Day weekend. It was a last-minute decision, and it worked out great. My sister Deb lives about 10 minutes from a movie theater, and she was willing to babysit on short notice.

Keith & I drove to Schererville with Alex, had dinner (free birthday burger for Keith at Red Robin), then went to Deb's house to feed Alex. After the baby had a full belly, we headed to the theater and saw Prince Caspian.

Honestly, I never once worried about Alex. Wow! I did think about him halfway through the movie, and I knew I'd be glad to have him back in my arms. Aunt Deb was a GREAT babysitter...and Alex was a well-behaved boy, she says. :)

It sure was nice to do something with just Keith & me. It's been a while!

No pics from our date or from the babysitting, but here are some recent random photos:

This is where Alex "rides" when I do laundry. He's usually all smiles for this little ride to the bedroom.
Way up high in Grandpa's arms
Derek held Alex for the first time. He was nervous, but he did just fine! :)
Kyle & Alex at Danny and Ali's wedding (the first wedding/reception for Alex)
Grandma & Alex at Danny and Ali's wedding

Jessica looks so pretty. Or should I say...Jessica Annette Is Purdy ;)

Below, Danny & Ali and the Duncan family

Even the bestest of babies can't always be happy, right? Just a random "I'm crying" picture taken at home on a boring day ;)


Allison said...

Love the laundry basket one! So cute.

The Hamstras said...

Yay!! I'm so glad you got to have a date!!