Friday, May 10, 2013

*FREE* Counting 1–5 Math Pack


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Math Packs…

This a bit of a change from my typical packs, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for close to a year.  I finally decided to just go ahead and give it a try to see what moms and teachers think of the idea.

So, here’s the first installment of my Math For Little Learners series.  This pack is a free introductory pack.  From here on out, each $1.25 pack will contain a minimum of 25 pages.  The next few topics that I have in mind are: Numbers 6 – 10, Shapes, Intro To Addition, and Telling Time.

Here are some sample pages from the Counting 1 – 5 Pack, which you can grab from Teachers Notebook for FREE!

The pack begins with a page for each number from 1 – 5.

count and trace 2number4

Every few pages, you’ll find a practice page
for the numbers your child(ren) has already learned.

count 1 and 2counting3and4

Once your child has learned to recognize, count, and trace the numbers,
s(he) will move on to counting, matching, and tracing practice pages.

count and trace 1-5

After that, you’ll find 5 practice pages with counting, coloring, and tracing the numbers.

count and color 1 - 5count and color 1 - 5b

Then it’s time for a little FUN!
Count how many objects are in the picture, and write the correct number in the box.
(The boxes are small; Mommy or teacher may need to help!)

howmany1howmany2 copy

Last of all, your child(ren) will have fun ordering the numbers 1 – 5
to complete four separate picture puzzles.


Download the Counting 1- 5 Pack from Teachers Notebook,
and please let me know what you think!

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