Wednesday, May 8, 2013


We attended my parents’ church last weekend to celebrate their 55th anniversary.  (Hopefully one of my siblings can share a few pics from that event, as I couldn’t find my camera in the rush to leave the house early in the morning!) 

The boys made Fruits of the Spirit pages in the preschool class there, and Max (3 yrs, 8 months) wrote his name on his own. 

I can’t believe how neat and small his handwriting is at such a young age!


I’d chalk it up as a fluke, but I’d noticed his name neatly written on his Wee Worship paper from our own church the previous week…and wondered if another child had done it for him.

Then today, he wrote MAX MOM on a paper and gave it to me…in the same neat, tiny print.

How he can switch gears from being a crazy tornado of a boy to a child who sits down and neatly does “school work” is beyond me, but I am very impressed.  (Especially since I’ve never taught him to write any letters other than A, B, and C.)

Good job, Max!

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