Monday, May 13, 2013

“My Chap-sick”

Jensyn has a HUGE love for any sort of lip balm right now.  She discovered Burts Bees in my nightstand about a month ago, and she claimed it as her own.  She has also tried to steal her brother’s Chapstick on more than one occasion.  He now keeps it on top of his dresser so that Jensyn can’t reach it.

(blurry, I know…sorry!)IMG_8687

Silly Little Girl is so obsessed with this stuff!  She spends HOURS (no exaggeration) smearing “my chap-sick” across her lips & from ear to ear.  I don’t mind too much when it’s Burts Bees smeared all over her face (for health reasons, but also because it’s clear). 

But today it was sugar cookie scented Avon lip balm. 


Hilarious when viewed in person. 


Jensyn was less than happy when I went to wipe it away.


I have no idea what brought on this obsession, but she is definitely a girly-girl!

And yes, her diaper IS coming unsnapped. 
I wanted to catch her silly-ness in the moment.  Her diaper is all fixed now!

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