Saturday, May 11, 2013

Oh, Max…



Max, shouting:  Mom, I had an accident!  Come see!
Me:  I can’t come right now.  Can you come show Mommy?
Max:  No!  I *NEED* you to come here!
Me:  Okay, hang on just a minute while I finish with Jensyn!
Max:  HURRY!  It’s a BIG accident!
Me:  Did you wet you pants?
Max:’s an even BIGGER accident.  HURRY!!!!

I run into the kitchen to find Max on the patio step HOLDING THE SCREEN DOOR IN HIS HANDS.  He was letting the dog out, and the door came off track.  Poor kid got stuck holding that gigantic screen door all by himself for a good 2 minutes before I got there!

Screen door is back on track.  Max thinks I’m a miracle worker .

(The picture has nothing to do with the post.  It’s just a picture of that darling Max’s grin!)

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