Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Alex’s “Color Wheel”

One LeapPad game that Alex really enjoy is Mr. Pencil Saves Doodleburg.  He has learned some really neat things from that game!

He spent about 30 minutes this past weekend drawing “color wheels”.  They’re not quite accurate, but I just wanted to document and remember his sweet attempts.Smile


Another game he’s really enjoying is Globe Earth Adventures, which is giving him a bit of an understanding of continents and world geography, though neither boy has it down-pat by any means.  A silly conversation between Alex and Max the other day:

Max: Ah-wix, we wiv in North.

Alex:  North?!  No.  We live in Africa!

Max:  But I’m pwitty sure we wiv in North.

Alex:  Well, maybe it’s North Africa.  Mom, do we live in the continent of North Africa?

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