Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jensyn Turns 2

Two.  Already.  I think she was just born yesterday.  I still remember that whole day leading up to her birth, from beginning to end.  I remember almost every little detail!  How could it possibly be two years ago?  Time FLIES.


When I held her up to show her the cake just before the party, Jensyn somehow managed to KICK her beautiful cake.  Grandma P & Jessica came to the rescue and repaired it.


Hello Kitty party

yummy Mexican food – tacos, chicken tacos, corn cake, taco salad, veggies, fruit, chips & salsa, and (of course) Grandma S made mini pigs in a blanket (which have become a staple item at our children’s birthday parties)

Thanks to all the family who helped by bringing food or making beautiful cakes!


See that tiara?  When my mom & I were shopping for party decorations, Jensyn spotted that tiara.  She was so excited, pointing to it and asking, “OOOH, Mama, mine?!”  I couldn’t resist, so Jensyn got a birthday tiara instead of a birthday balloon.  She very proudly wears it ALL. THE. TIME.


Jensyn was spoiled with lots of fun presents.

She received: owl bath towel, baby doll & bathtub, doll stroller, new sandals, spring coat, owl backpack, owl toy bins, owl wall decorations & pillow, crayon/marker coloring sets, two little kitty purses, two new Hello Kitty hats, Hello Kitty watering can, Dora books, pink jumper dress, little Build A Bear Hello Kitty, and more. 


I love those curlies in her hair…natural, with a spray of water & a bit of scrunching


Grandma P & Jessica made another beautiful cake!



The birthday girl LOVED that everyone sang to her, but she was not at all interested in blowing out the candle.


Her brothers and cousin Cailin were glad to help with that!


She is LOVING her new baby stroller.  It’s got quite a bit of mileage on it already.  She cried when I had to take off her dirty Hello Kitty shirt after dinner, so I put her in her brand new Dora nightgown…which she wore for the next 26 hours…she refused to let me take it off of her, so she wore it the next day with pink leggings underneath Winking smile


She is  a sweetheart…a Dora lover…a girl who loves to play rough with her brothers, yet still LOVES pink/glittery/girly items.  She is so silly, so fun, so PRECIOUS!

Happy TWO, Jensyn Kate!
We love you SO VERY MUCH!

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